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About Ojotrises NFT-Collection

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OjOtris is a P2E logic game hosted on the Solana blockchain network. OjOrtis players will have the opportunity to access and attain characters from a set of 5555 algorithmically-generated, non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each character sports six unique traits, and all were created through the joint efforts of a team of talented artists and illustrators.

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ojo Competition

A week after the launch of the entire NFT collection, the competition will kickoff and will last for 72 hours, so everyone has a window to participate.

Immediately after the mint we’ll launch a series of competitions with a total prize fund of 3333 SOL! The game rule is very simple: play every day to be in the top of the leaderboard and get prizes in SOL! No ponzinomic and no tokens that have no value. In the first season you will have daily and weekly competitions as well as one Grand Championship

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Stage 01Open your eyes
  • Concept development for the OjOrtis collection
  • Webpage development and launch
  • Game design approval and initial development
  • Collaboration with talented artists, who design an exclusive collection
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Stage 02Take a look around
  • Beta Game Release
  • Whitelist presale
  • Public mint for full collection begins
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Stage 03Can't take my eyes off you
  • OjOtris game release
  • Preparations for the “Grand Tournament” begin
  • Community starts discussions on the future of OjObrand
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Stage 04Behind blue eyes
  • Development begins on future games, collections, and projects
  • Added bonuses, which NFT holders will access in future projects, are announced
  • Release of OjOmerch (including hoodies, figurines, pillows, and more)
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Stage 05Till can you fill my eye
  • Build out of the OjOkingdom — games, collections, metaverse collabs, native tokens, IRL-branded stuff, and more


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